Scale product discovery to every customer interaction. allows your product team to automatically gather insights at scale from every customer support, sales, and product interaction so you can continue to innovate as your organization scales.

Built for product people
Empower your product managers, designers, and engineers to build the right products together by utilizing insights from every customer interaction.
Train on your own data
Automatically analyze every customer call and chat log to train to understand your customers pain and identify product issues.
All your questions answered
Built to act as your product team's AI assistant, we proactively provide insights to your team every day as well as allow them to openly chat with
Build the right product
Ensure that your team is prioritizing the most important features and fixes for all of your customers, not just the loud ones.

Discovery on auto pilot.

Automatically integrate with the tools you use. has integrations with the tools you use every day, like Zoom, Slack, Intercom, and Zendesk, so you can gather insights without effort.

AI for product managers.

Chat with every customer at once.

We train the assistant on all your customer interactions, so you can ask it questions about your entire customer base and get answers in real-time.

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Matt Kremer, founder

The manifesto.

We're on a mission to scale product discovery in growing companies.

When you're a small startup, you know every customer by name. You know what they like, what they don't like, and what they're struggling with.

As you grow, it becomes harder to keep that same level of customer intimacy. While you begin hiring more customer support and sales reps, your product team stays lean and is no longer able to talk to every customer.

Sales reps start fighting with product managers about closing new deals, customer success reps start complaining about one-off issues. Everyone is frustrated, no one is happy, and now you're only listening to the loud customers.

Soon you're left wondering why your product isn't growing as fast as it used to, even though you're spending more money on marketing, sales, and customer success.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, the customer intimacy that you had when you were small is what made your product great.

But unlike sales and customer success, you can't just hire more product people to solve this problem. Instead you need to find a way to arm your product teams with more context about your growing customer base.

We built to solve for the customer context gap that naturally forms as your company grows, giving every customer, prospect, sales rep, and support specialist a voice in your product development process again.

Armed with valuable customer insights at scale from every frontline of your business, your product team can be more effective without hiring, leading to increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

Let's build great products together,

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